A Blog Devoted to Encouraging Homeschooling Mothers

A Blog Devoted to Encouraging Homeschooling Mothers
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Friday, July 27, 2012

Schoolhouse Review Crew ~

Since I write product reviews as a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew (associated with The Old Schoolhouse Magazine), I probably am a bit biased about (also associated with The Old Schoolhouse Magazine). But I am going to work really hard to keep this review unbiased! So my official unbiased opinion is that SchoolhouseTeachers is terrific.

Here's why I feel that way:

     At, you have access to a huge variety of homeschool lessons, first-class teachers, awesome planners for your every need, digital issues of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, daily items (called Schoolhouse Dailies), monthly themes, encouraging and useful resources galore (Schoolhouse Libraries), and much, much more. In fact, there is so much available at SchoolhouseTeachers that you simply cannot use it all. But that's one of it's selling points; you have plenty to choose from, so you can pick what you want to use in your homeschool.

Some ideas of what I used with my kiddos include the Map Assignments (specifically The Boxer Rebellion). It was a snap to use, which is great for us since we don't do full-time school during the summer months. The assignments are divided into grade levels, so each child just does the work listed for their grade. I also printed out some math fact sheets, just because it's a good idea to review math facts over the summer to help with mastery and retention. I also used several grammar worksheets and even chose to laminate a couple of them for use during our normal school year. Keep in mind that this is how I utilized the first week I had access to the website. As I have been planning for the upcoming academic year, I have found a whole lot of resources that I will implement! And right now, you can find Summer Olympics lessons in the Schoolhouse Dailies category. The summer games only happen once every four years - you don't want to miss out on the chance to enjoy them as a family while learning at the same time!

I have mentioned a couple of the categories you can access at Here is a complete list of the main categories ~ Schoolhouse Teachers, Schoolhouse Dailies, Schoolhouse Extras, Schoolhouse Libraries, Schoolhouse Site Tour, and Schoolhouse Samples. These are listed at the top of the webpage, and have drop down menus that reveal all the content within each category. And trust me, there is a whole lot of content! Subjects like history, geography, home economics, monthly reading lists, chemistry, high school math, lapbooking, art lessons, grammar, music, can be found at SchoolhouseTeachers. There is even a new ebook available every month! And all the back issues of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine digital edition are at the website too. I found that I can quickly read an article or two from the magazine while my students work on an assignment. It's a terrific way to be encouraged in my day to day life as a homeschool mom!

Now the really huge feature that is available via is the top-notch, fully customizable 2012-2013 planners. These are the neatest things ever! Choose from the Schoolhouse Planner, the Schoolhouse Special Learners Planner, the Schoolhouse Primary Planner, the Schoolhouse Intermediate Planner, the Schoolhouse High School Planner, or use them all! Forms, articles, calendar, planning pages, transcripts, spelling & grammar rules, Bible lists, the Periodic Table of Elements, chore charts, US Presidents, grocery lists, meal planning charts, articles, IEP pages, medical and therapy forms, task analysis, story starters, recipes, field trip reports, career ideas, community service forms, Bible memorization, and tons more can be printed off to make your own perfect planner. And of course, you can make one for each of your children. Print what you want, leave what you don't need, put it in a three-ring binder and you have a planner containing everything you need and nothing you don't!

All this is available for the amazing  price of $5.95/month. And the first month is only $1!

Check out the website at

And read what other Crew members had to say HERE.

Thanks for reading this product review & God bless you and your family!

(Disclaimer - I received access to this website free of charge for review purposes. All opinions shared on this blog are solely my own.)

Day 207 done :)

Jan L. Burt

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