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Praying About Fall & Your Family's Homeschooling Plans...

Christian families of course ought to be praying families, just as individual followers of Christ ought to of course be praying people. And homeschooling mothers ought to be praying women. If you have not yet set apart some time this summer to pray over the upcoming academic year, let me encourage you to do so. If we feel led to homeschool due to our Christian faith, then it seems pretty silly to fail in praying over each homeschool year before it starts. I could give you a list of things to pray for, and sharply reprimand you for failing to thoroughly cover prior years in prayer...but that really isn't what I am called to do via this blog. I am all about encouraging homeschooling mothers, so I sincerely hope you are only ever encouraged by reading my posts. Pray any way that works for you. By that I mean pray for a few minutes in the morning, or set aside an hour one afternoon when the little ones are taking a nap. While waiting for the kids at swim lessons, you could

2014 Big Giveaway # 1

Okay, so that's a weird title for a blog post. But it's an accurate title, and it rightly conveys what needs to be I'm sticking with it. This post contains details about my first Big Giveaway this year. And while it is July, which is kind of late for my first giveaway of 2014, I'm still sticking with that title. (Now, this may not be the world's largest homeschool blog giveaway, but it is "big" for me, and I hope it's a blessing for one lucky homeschooling mother!) Here is a list of what the winner will receive: One copy of The Homeschool Mom's Bible (NIV). This is a hardcover Bible, which means it will hold up well for daily use, and I have to say the daily devotions are really, really good. My purpose with this blog is to encourage homeschooling mothers, and this Bible is a great source of encouragement. One copy of the book Amos Fortune, Free Man (by Elizabeth Yates). This book is one of my absolute favorites! It'


Today is July the first, 2014. I can hardly believe it is now the seventh month of this's as if I blink and another week flies right by. Our family is in full-on summer mode, with projects and family time abounding. A short list of things we've done (or will do) this summer include: finishing adding a 6th bedroom to our home stripping & repainting a chifferobe a youth group trip to Arkansas (in just a few weeks! yikes!) my husband's transition to his new job wrestling camp for my son (gotta practice in the off-season when it's college wrestling!) my daughter is a photographer, so she has lots of shoots to do when she's home for the summer selling curriculum/books I no longer need for our homeschool (I have close to 500 amazon listings...) a fun jet-ski weekend @ the lake to celebrate my daughter's 16th birthday our annual scavenger hunt to welcome new students into the youth group and of course took a crazy-fun vacation to Florida...