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Give Over Continually

It is very nearly February.

In the life of a homeschooling family, February is often the longest month of the year (academically speaking) while simultaneously being the shortest month of year (per the calendar).

The eight-ish weeks between the first of February and the thirty-first of March can drag on and on and on. But what if the Lord's plan for us is something more than time slowly dragging on and on, creeping by at a snail's pace?

To play on both an age-old saying and a modern Christian pop song, I beg to ask you: "What if there's more?"

There is more. Tons more.

The Lord does not intend for any one chunk of time to ever, ever be drab or boring or lifeless. He desires to infuse every part of your life and every moment of your day with joy and peace and fulfillment. Note that I did not say you can have joy and peace and fulfillment without Jesus ~ because you cannot. Again note that I did not say you have to find a way to create your own joy and peace and fu…

The Transformational Adventure ~ book/curriculum review

The study guide entitled The Transformational Adventure is a unique type of book, in that it corresponds with a unique type of Bible study. Sure, you watch video lessons online at a provided website. That's not a unique idea. But the way the author shares his heart in raw realism, and the way his story compels you to examine your own story...that is very unique.

This is a 7-video session study, and it would work well for a small group or a retreat setting. But it could also be done by an individual, working quickly or at a more leisurely pace. The study guide has some  questions that can be answered on your own or as part of a group study. And there are also ways to apply each lesson and it's theme to your everyday, walking around life. That's what a Bible study ought to do, after all.

I really enjoyed this curriculum, and I think, speaking as a homeschooler, it could be pretty easily adapted for use with high school age students. It's highly adaptable to any number o…


I recently did a Google search in an attempt to discover how the majority of homeschoolers would answer the following question:

"What is a homeschooling mothers #1 need?"

I really wasn't confident as to what the answer might be. I mean, sure, I know what my main needs and frustrations are as a mom who has homeschooled all five of her children from pre-school through high school graduation. But I wanted to know other mom's thoughts on the matter. Because, as a blogger, I decided my 2018 goal would be to provide quality content that meets the most pressing needs in a very specific way.

A Google search seemed like the perfect place to pose my question. (Next week I am going to use Pinterest to further explore this question.)

Any guesses as to what Google revealed?

The absolutely, definitive answer to my question about the #1 need of homeschooling mothers was......ENCOURAGEMENT!

Over and over and over again, in different formats and forums, phrased one way and then stated…