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5 (count 'em...FIVE!) Cannot Miss Deals for Homeschoolers...Take a Quick Look & See if Any of These Fit the Bill for Your Family!

Okay, so I just got wind of this new thing going around the inter-webs.

(It's for sure not a new idea or concept, but this group of homeschoolers doing this is a new thing & it's pretty awesome!)

A monthly rotation of "deals" just for the homeschool fun is that?!?

I so wish this had been a thing when I was in the thick of home educating my five children because wow would I ever have looked forward to a cup of coffee & 10 minutes to check out whatever each month's new "deals & special offers" were being made available to me, the homeschooling mama in the thick of it all.

So I am thinking I will be sharing about these offers on my social media platforms & with my email list for one reason: I would have wanted to know about this kind of thing!

Here are some details (with the links and coupon codes for the deals & discounts) and if you are interested in future info & would like to be on my email list for homeschooler…

A Prayer for You in the New Year & Something Fun & Free to Jump Start 2020

So homeschool moms tend to do all the things...

~ Wife things
~ Mom things
~ Education/homeschool things
~ Feeding the fam things
~ Money things
~ Growing in faith things
~ and every single other thing...

I've been there, believe me you. 25 years of homeschooling plus all the other things of life (health issues, military deployments, financial strains, teaching multiple grade levels, and now empty nesting...)

I remember how much a good dose of encouragement did for me - to help keep me moving forward, grew my faith and just gave me a little something just - for - me...

The New Year, New Beginnings 2020 Conference for Moms is right around the corner. It kicks of January 6th & is entirely online (with lifetime access to 50 speakers on all sorts of subject matter that relates to all things mom-related & $500 worth of freebies + giveaways)

Tickets are just $15 until January 6th (then they bump up to $25, which is still a great deal!)
And for my page followers, I have …