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iBlog Post ~ Joy in the Journey Begins with Your Thoughts...

I am a part of the iBlog event taking place throughout the month of May and wanted to share a little teaser from my post (which is about finding joy on your homeschooling journey).

Do you think of homeschooling as your full-time job, or more like a part-time endeavor? What I am really asking is this: Are you fully engaged in your homeschooling work? Where is your heart?

To read the rest of the post, visit the blog WiththeHuddlestons

I think you will enjoy what bloggers have to share with you all month long, so be sure to bookmark the page and check back every couple of days to see what's new.

Lord bless you today!

Day 383 done :)

Jan L. Burt

author of The Homeschooling Mothers Bible Study (available on Amazon) 
& speaker at the 2018 Homeschool Moms Conference (details HERE)

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One Thing I Hate About Homeschooling...

What would you say you dislike the most about homeschooling? Is there anything that just gets in your craw and drives you batty?

In all honesty, I probably have a few things that have driven me nearly bonkers over the years - but one thing in particular I pretty much could not stand. Grading school work every evening. 

It was always there, looming, waiting for me in a gigantic pile. Every. Single. Day. So many evenings spent grading, feeling as if I were missing out on family time or failing to take care of other tasks around the house. The homeschool day is not finished until I have graded every single subject for every single child and recorded it all in my planner. It's just no fun!

Like the laundry, it never goes away...

But here's the truth: one day it will go away. Children grow up, go to college, get jobs, get married, move away.

Our greatest homeschool burdens are disappearing before our very eyes...and there isn't really any joy in it!

For me, the mom who so disli…

Book Review ~Always Fall Forward by Todd Gerelds (author of Woodlawn)

When given the opportunity to review the new book "Always Fall Forward" (by the author of "Woodlawn" - which is a great book & a great movie) I didn't realize how much I would glean from it, even though it is geared toward a male audience.

This little book packs quite a punch and has loads of encouraging counsel based on the Word of God.

Divided neatly into 52 weekly readings, it makes a perfect devotional and I really, really think it would make an awesome Father's Day gift. Or a graduation gift (high school or college).

Each week covers a topic based on something the author's dad ~ who was the head coach at Woodlawn back in the day ~ would often say. He then takes each saying and adds Scripture to create some excellent content.

This book really seems to embody the idea that the author of Hebrews was conveying when he told us to spur one another on toward love and good deeds (see Hebrews 10:24-25).

Day 381 done :)

Jan L. Burt

On my "Page Turn…

Get Ya'self a Word...As Often As You Can

If there is one thing I have learned from a couple of decades plus change as a homeschooler, it's this:

          ~ Getting the Word of God into me as often as possible keeps my family advancing onward....and keeps me from going insane.

Now, I'm not implying that homeschooling will make a mama go nutso. But I am saying that life in general has a way of bringing the crazy out of the best of us. And homeschooling adds a whole new layer to the crazy-cake at times. Not because it isn't awesome (because it is!) but because it takes the job of "Mom" and gives that job a massive promotion that comes with the title "Homeschool Mom". Which could also be read "Guidance Counselor/Gourmet Chef/Housekeeper/Laundress/Chauffeur/Athletic Coach & Encourager/Financial Adviser/Teacher-of-ALL-the-Subjects". (disclaimer: this is not an exhaustive list!)

So, yea. It's no big stretch to understand that some crazy could come into play when a woman juggles so …

Handy Homeschool Tools (some of my FAVS after 25 years of homeschooling...)

This is a completely practical post ~ just me sharing a few of my absolute favorite tools from 25 years of doing this whole homeschooling thing.  

# 1 ~Weighted Book Page Holder (preferably a non-slip version) ~ This is an item you will use again and again and again from preschool through high school graduation...and I personally use one every day (holding open a cookbook - a Bible - a journal - you name it). It's perfect for holding open your first graders math workbook; perfect for your seventh graders science textbook; perfect for your high school students hardback copy of To Kill A Mockingbird, freeing up their hands to take notes, and so on. Here is a link to a set of 3 on Amazon:
Weighted Page Holders

# 2 ~ KUM Artists' Color-Combi Pencil Sharpener ~ We have several of these around our house, and believe me when I say my artistic children always made sure to have one in their bedrooms where nobody else could get hold of it (they are just that awesome). Colored pencils ar…

Let Jesus Be Tougher Than It All...

Often I find myself wondering, "How can I encourage so-and-so today?" Usually I am thinking of a friend facing a specific situation in which I know for sure a little encouragement would go a long way. But sometimes I just pray that question and kind of let it sit there until the Lord gives me an idea of some way and some one to encourage.

Today, that someone is anyone who happens to be reading this post.

Homeschooling is tough ~ but your Jesus is tougher.

     Adulting is tough ~ but your Jesus is tougher still.

     Having healthy friendships is tough ~ and Jesus will always prove tougher.

     Health issues are tough ~ and our Healer and Deliverer is oh so tough in this arena.

     Parenting is tough ~ your loving Father is tougher.

     Life is tough ~ but you aren't on your own; you do life with your Jesus.

Don't take my word for it. Take His Word for it. 

Ephesians 3:20 says, "Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to H…

Faithful Finance by Emily G. Stroud ~ book review

I think the title of this book is an excellent description of what all Christians should aim with regard to their personal and business finances. Faithfulness. One single word that carries a ton of significance.

Faithful Finance by Emily G. Stroud is an easy but informative read. It's a great way to, say, teach your teenager about money and how to handle it God's way. It's also a good reminder for those of us who have been dealing with money for years that we need to trust the Lord in this area and believe that His ways are best and that His provision for us is sure.

The author has a lot of sound advice offered here - from disability insurance to college money, she covers pretty much every base that I could think of. I really found it to be a thorough resource and it would serve as a good refresher course for most anyone. And of course, as a Christian, her perspective rings true with me. I probably appreciate that most of all.

If you are looking for a book about money to r…

Give Over Continually

It is very nearly February.

In the life of a homeschooling family, February is often the longest month of the year (academically speaking) while simultaneously being the shortest month of year (per the calendar).

The eight-ish weeks between the first of February and the thirty-first of March can drag on and on and on. But what if the Lord's plan for us is something more than time slowly dragging on and on, creeping by at a snail's pace?

To play on both an age-old saying and a modern Christian pop song, I beg to ask you: "What if there's more?"

There is more. Tons more.

The Lord does not intend for any one chunk of time to ever, ever be drab or boring or lifeless. He desires to infuse every part of your life and every moment of your day with joy and peace and fulfillment. Note that I did not say you can have joy and peace and fulfillment without Jesus ~ because you cannot. Again note that I did not say you have to find a way to create your own joy and peace and fu…

The Transformational Adventure ~ book/curriculum review

The study guide entitled The Transformational Adventure is a unique type of book, in that it corresponds with a unique type of Bible study. Sure, you watch video lessons online at a provided website. That's not a unique idea. But the way the author shares his heart in raw realism, and the way his story compels you to examine your own story...that is very unique.

This is a 7-video session study, and it would work well for a small group or a retreat setting. But it could also be done by an individual, working quickly or at a more leisurely pace. The study guide has some  questions that can be answered on your own or as part of a group study. And there are also ways to apply each lesson and it's theme to your everyday, walking around life. That's what a Bible study ought to do, after all.

I really enjoyed this curriculum, and I think, speaking as a homeschooler, it could be pretty easily adapted for use with high school age students. It's highly adaptable to any number o…


I recently did a Google search in an attempt to discover how the majority of homeschoolers would answer the following question:

"What is a homeschooling mothers #1 need?"

I really wasn't confident as to what the answer might be. I mean, sure, I know what my main needs and frustrations are as a mom who has homeschooled all five of her children from pre-school through high school graduation. But I wanted to know other mom's thoughts on the matter. Because, as a blogger, I decided my 2018 goal would be to provide quality content that meets the most pressing needs in a very specific way.

A Google search seemed like the perfect place to pose my question. (Next week I am going to use Pinterest to further explore this question.)

Any guesses as to what Google revealed?

The absolutely, definitive answer to my question about the #1 need of homeschooling mothers was......ENCOURAGEMENT!

Over and over and over again, in different formats and forums, phrased one way and then stated…