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Real Life is Messy & Frustrating...(And It Doesn't Look Like Instagram or Pinterest!)

  When was the last time you felt frustrated?   For me, it was probably about ten minutes ago.  Frustrations are a part of life. Things don't go according to plan. People are inconsiderate and inconsistent. Circumstances are always in a state of flux. Homeschooling can be just plain hard. And so, we can become frustrated.   Bur there is a solution for our frustration, and that solution is Jesus. When frustration comes, then it is time to run to Him. Pray and ask specifically that the Lord will fill you with His good and perfect and pleasing will for the exact situation that is frustrating you. (I have found that my prayer is usually answered by the Lord reminding me to act in love and kindness...)   This isn't a pep talk. Nor is it a self-help segment that I heard on a podcast or read on a blog. You cannot do this on your own and neither can I. But if you ask, the Lord will do it through you and it will glorify Him.   So remember that frustration, when yielded to Jesus, c
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I Gotta Let You Know Two Very Important Things (Seriously, They Are Truly Important For You To Know...)

 First, a big --- fat --- hefty dose of encouragement for you, my wonderful homeschooling friend.  As you get ready to roll into the fall of 2020...stop for just one moment and hear what God's Word has to say to you right here, right now, on the brink of the last stretch of what has possibly been the most turn-your-whole-world-upside-down year ever.  Psalm 125:2 - As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds His people both now and forevermore.   You are surrounded.  Completely & totally, that's exactly how surrounded you are.  Going into the great unknown as, say, a working mom whose children are going to be doing school online at home (or a working mom homeschooling and working from home for just the next several months, but not planning on continuing to home educate after things "normalize" again).  This is God's promise just for you as you embark upon this season of life. I really, truly believe He wants you to know that He has you surrounded