A Blog Devoted to Encouraging Homeschooling Mothers

A Blog Devoted to Encouraging Homeschooling Mothers
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Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Preferred Bible Reading Plan

We all know that reading our Bibles is a key part of living a healthy life as a follower of Jesus. But busy homeschool moms may, at times, struggle to know what part of the Bible to read on any given day.

Some people read the Bible through, Genesis to Revelation, and when they finish simply start over. Others have reading plans that follow along with the sermons their pastor is currently preaching. And yet others find themselves "stuck in the Psalms", since they're not quite sure what to read.

I'm not going to tell you how many chapters a day you should read, or that you need to do exactly what I do. I'm just going to share what has worked for me, and hopefully encourage you to get into the Word using some type of plan ~ because every homeschool mom knows what happens to our plans when we fail to create a plan, right?!

I use a prayer and Bible reading guide called "Prayer Point", published by Samaritan's Purse. About every 8 weeks, I receive a new issue of "Prayer Point" in the mail. Each issue has a brief note from Franklin Graham (son of Billy Graham, president of Samaritan's Purse ministries), a prayer focus from somewhere around the world for each week, 7 days worth of daily Bible reading for each week, a place to journal, a mail in form for prayer requests you'd like to send to Samaritan's Purse, and a brief article called Prayer Focus from a godly man or woman.

This week's reading looks like this:
Sunday ~ Psalms 42-44
Monday ~ Exodus 5-8
Tuesday ~ 1 Samuel 21-25
Wednesday ~ Job 2-30
Thursday ~ Jeremiah 12-16
Friday ~ Mark 9-10
Saturday ~ 1 Corinthians 13-14

Using "Prayer Point" enables me to read through the entire Bible in a year, reminds me to pray for those in great need of Christ's love all around the globe, and follows a pattern that works well for me. I have used this guide for many years and I plan to continue using it for many more. At times I add additional reading to "Prayer Point"; for example, our youth group is currently doing Chip Ingram's r12 Bible Study, so I have added Romans chapter 12 to my regular daily reading. Whenever I am involved in a small group I do the required Bible reading in addition to my daily reading as laid out in "Prayer Point".

If you are interested in receiving "Prayer Point" in your mailbox (free of charge) you can learn more at www.SamaritansPurse.org, or you can write them at Samaritan's Purse, P.O. Box 3000, Boone, NC, 28607-3000.

Feel free to leave a comment about your preferred Bible reading method, and whatever you do, never become discouraged about this matter! Jump in feet first right where you are, ask the Lord to meet you right where you are, and allow Him to lead you along His pathway for your life (which includes the ideal way for you to read the Bible on a regular basis.)

Lord bless you as you dig into His Word!

Day 177 done :)                                                                

Jan L. Burt



  1. You are a busy lady. Thanks for sharing your Bible reading plan with us.

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  3. Hi, I know this article is old but I am looking for for prayer point for my small group of church ladies since bc of budget cuts we cannot afford wmu magazine anymore. All I can find is prayer point on the UK page do they have one in the us? Thanks!