A Blog Devoted to Encouraging Homeschooling Mothers

A Blog Devoted to Encouraging Homeschooling Mothers
The Burts in 2013

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ten Years Ago

Not only is it New Year's Eve for me, it's a time to think back over the past decade. Ten years ago I was overdue with our fifth child. It was a bittersweet time, as we knew the Lord had clearly shown us that would be my last pregnancy. I do not have the luxury of further pregnancies due to my health, and while I was glad to be in the center of God's will, I was also somewhat sad that I would never experience pregnancy again. It was the end of an era for me...

Our youngest was born one week into the new year 2000. Next week she will turn 10. It's hard to believe it's been that long since I've had a newborn. In some ways it seems as if these last 10 years have flown by. Anyone else feel that way?

Ten years ago I wasn't sure how I would handle homeschooling middle school or high school. Today I have a freshman and junior in high school and two daughter's in middle school. Only our youngest is still in the elementary grades. And guess what? Homeschooling them into middle and high school really wasn't as scary as I had made it out to be. It's similar to some of what I heard about raising teenagers - I have 3 of them in my house right now and it hasn't been difficult at all. They are the same kids they were before they entered the teen years, they just eat a little bit more :)

So as I start the next decade tomorrow morning, I think I'll face whatever concerns I have remembering that the same God who created the univerise took perfect care of my family during the last decade, and there is no shadow of turning with Him.

I'm off to do some baking for my family - those teenagers are hungry again!!

Day 4 done :)

Lord bless your New Year,
Jan L. Burt

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