A Blog Devoted to Encouraging Homeschooling Mothers

A Blog Devoted to Encouraging Homeschooling Mothers
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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Almost Time to Get Back to Work...

Well, it's nearly the new year and time for us homeschooling moms to prepare to get back into the swing of things. Whatever your homeschool method, whether you've been at this for a few months or 20 years, it's typically harder to get back to work after the Christmas break than it is to start the new school year.

There is something wonderful and exciting about a brand new year - something that isn't quite "there" when we start back up again after Christmas. It might be the long, winter days ahead, it might be the realization that there is still A LOT of work to do before we can close the books for the year, it might be that it's tough getting back to work after a wonderful time of celebrating our Savior's birth with our family and friends. Activities begin again, and it's time to start driving here and there and everywhere. No more sleeping in and staying up later than usual. It may be time for your husband to head back to work after some relaxing time off. It may be time to find a place for all of the new stuff and time for a deep cleaning following many days of ease.

But what else is it? Is it time for us to rise early and meet with our Lord each day? Is it time to consider how far each of our children has come - in their education, in their hobbies and developing talents, and in their relationship with Jesus? Is it time to consider all the amazing blessings we receive from our faithfulness in homeschooling? Time to enjoy family dinners when Dad gets home from work each evening? When I focus on all the truly "good stuff" that comes with getting back to school, I become thankful and even overwhelemed by all that the Lord has done in my family.

Yes, the down time was a welcomed blessing, but getting back to work brings many blessings, too. I'm actually getting excited...just a few more days and we'll be back to work!

Day 3 - done :)

Lord bless your new year,

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