A Blog Devoted to Encouraging Homeschooling Mothers

A Blog Devoted to Encouraging Homeschooling Mothers
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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Balance Your Time

It's easy for us homeschool moms to justify some extra time spent on "improving our homeschool". We can search for creative ideas on Pinterest, soak in a bubble bath while reading our favorite homeschool magazine cover to cover, or run off the the library to gather some books for upcoming studies. None of these is wrong, but spending too much time "improving" can be detrimental to our marriages and our children.

More than a well-prepared mom, our kids need us to simply be fully there as a mom. Husbands don't need a perfectly organized closet as much as they need a wife who loves and respects them. And those who are watching us as we live out this homeschool lifestyle (in particular those who may be wondering if homeschooling is an option for their family) need to see us enjoying the life we're living rather than always striving to "improve" our life...which sometimes is more about "escaping" from our commitments more than making improvements, if we are to be totally honest.

So this short and sweet blog post is to remind you to balance your time! Be a choosey mom ~ and not just when it comes to peanut butter! ~ and be aware of where your time is being spent. And if you really, really want to know how you're doing as a wife and mom, then take a deep breath, be brave, and - GULP!! - ask your spouse and children. Once they know you really want to know how they feel, they will tell you the flat out honest truth. And if it's a truth that reveals areas in need of change, be brave enough to make those changes.

This parenting thing is too important to put off until later. And your marriage is a life-long commitment that deserves your best day in and day out. Remember, you took wedding VOWS...not wedding Maybe-If-I-Feel-Like-Its.

Now, log off your computer, put down your smart phone, and go play a board game with your family. You might just be surprised how much improvement will suddenly show up in your life by simply putting a damper on the amount of time you spend working to make improvements!

Lord bless you!

Day 242 done :)

Jan L. Burt

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