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Umm, Seriously??

The title of this blog post seems to summarize my life in all it's different facets as of late! Ever have days (or weeks...or months...) that cause you to face-palm and say, "Umm, seriously?!?!?"

Now if I were to remain in the place, spiritually speaking, where I felt sudden shock and at times even despair, then I would be living a very defeated life. But having God's Word as my guide, my ABBA Father to call out to, my Savior Jesus interceding for me day and night, and the Holy Spirit as my personal and perfect Counselor for any and every situation ~ well, that's how I live a victorious Christian life!

When things confound me and I just don't understand what God's purpose is, I pray. A lot. I spend time in the Word. A lot of time. I sit quietly and say, "Speak, Lord - your servant is listening." I find specific Bible verses that fit my particular dilemma ( multiple dilemmas as of right now!) and I carry those verses around with me on note cards throughout the day. I even put them under my pillow at night so that the last thing I ponder at night and the first thing I think about in the morning is God's truth. I continually "think on these things". And believe me, it is a soothing balm for my soul.

No matter what you may be facing right now - if it's a huge need, a tiny speed bump on life's long road, or even if things are better than they've ever been - turn to the Lord continually all throughout the day. He is always near to us, and it is a sweet blessing to have Him at our side, holding our hand as it says in Isaiah.

I'd like to ask you to consider praying for my family, if you think of it in the coming days. My husband has been out of work since early May, and as you can imagine, finances are pretty tight. Your prayers for a job to arise for my husband - soon and very soon, if you know what I mean! - would be appreciated so very much. The Lord has a plan for our family, and I know He doesn't intend for this season of unemployment to last forever. I'll be excitedly sharing how the Lord answers your prayers on my blog in the future - keep your eyes open for a whole lot of praising and glorifying and thanking the Lord!!

Lord bless you all as you homeschool for Christ and His Kingdom. Our school year begins next week - and I must admit, it is always a very exciting time for me. What a blessing to homeschool and to see my children grow in His truth!

Day 218 done :)

Jan L. Burt


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