A Blog Devoted to Encouraging Homeschooling Mothers

A Blog Devoted to Encouraging Homeschooling Mothers
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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Proverbs 17:22

I haven't been feeling too well lately. I'm not exactly sure what's up, but I feel a bit "off" - perhaps more than a bit off, maybe a whole lot off! - which may mean something serious or may mean nothing serious. You see, I have hypothyroidism and sometimes an adjustment simply needs to be made in my dosage - other times, I may need more than just a simple adjustment.

This feeling "off" problem has been bothering me for a while now, I'm I think I've grown weary. My attitude has become steadily worse - I don't stay "peppy" for long with my hypothyroidism, and when I sleep poorly, my "peppiness" is pretty short lived! You could say I'm downright grumpy, and when I get stressed or worried, my grumpy attitude increases. Round and round I go on the merry-go-round of life with my bad attitude and my "off" feeling keeping me on the merry-go-round. I should know by now to just get off the silly merry-go-round, call the doctor for some routine blood work, and take God seriously when He tells me in His Word not to worry - about anything - ever.

So, this verse (Provers 17:22) is speaking loudly to my heart today. It reads, " A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones." That is so true! The more I fret and focus on how I "feel" and wonder if there is something more serious than my thyroid problems going on, the more quickly I find myself with a crushed spirit. And it does dry up my bones...ugh, it's exhausting to be so consumed with worry. BUT the good news for me in this verse is that a cheerful heart is good medicine! If I will let the cheerful attitudes of others influence me, if I will listen to encouragement and take it to heart, if I will choose to have a good attitude instead of a fretful one, then things will turn around for me and I'll be under the influence of God's good medicine.

Well, I'm going to see my doctor, of course, so as not to be irresponsible or foolish, but I am also going to change my attitude and give all my frets and fears to the only One who can handle them - my Lord Jesus. And by leaning hard on the Holy Spirit, I can cast away those fears each time they rear their ugly heads. And I would do well to remember this for the future - just take my medicine without complaining. It's so much better than the alternative!

Day 21 done :)

Lord bless each of you today with good health and a good attitude!


  1. Sitting here with tears in my eyes. THANKS for posting. I too have been feeling bad and am on the way to the Dr. this afternoon...but more than that, I have been 'fretting' about what we haven't been getting done because I haven't been feeling well. Thanks for the reminder. It was VERY needed!

    I'll be praying that the Dr.s find out what is going on!! AND, I hope you feel better soon!!! :))
    Love ya Jan,

  2. Jan -- thank you so much for posting this and sharing this so that we can be praying specifically for you! I'm sure having the 1 year of your grandfather's passing just pass doesn't help the "feeling off" stage either. Been there done that -- and know exactly how you feel. Please know you are loved and truly appreciated....and that we are praying for you and for your health. I'm praying your Dr. will be able to provide you some answers to whatever it is going on in your body -- and have it be an "easy fix"!! I know you and Tony both have a lot on your plates right now (I won't list them all on here) -- and we have been praying for you daily in regards to each of those issues!!

    Love you guys -- and hope you're feeling back to normal soon!!!

  3. Well, I am so blown away...Rebecca and Janette, how on earth did I ever end up with such amazing, wonderful, fantastic friends!??! Having your concern and support means the world to me - and has helped my attitude a hundred fold!! As the old TV theme song goes, "Thank you for being a friend..."

    Love you guys - praying for both of you, too!
    Jan :)))))