A Blog Devoted to Encouraging Homeschooling Mothers

A Blog Devoted to Encouraging Homeschooling Mothers
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Monday, March 29, 2010

Good Friends

Today's post will be short and to the point.

And what's the point? Well, just to do a quick shout out to some true friends.

There is no order to this listing - like any good homeschool mom knows, NEVER play favorites!!

Janette - hard-working, diligent in prayer, shoots it to ya straight - one amazing lady - she's one of the best and I can call her my friend!

Kimberly - loyal, loyal, loyal and always incredibly supportive - one who makes me stronger as a homeschooling mother - and one who openly loves my kiddos & let's me love her kiddos too!

Jeannie - never ceases to make me feel great about my kids & is able to push me to be better w/o being pushy in the least! A friend for life.

Miriam - will lend you a hand at a moment's notice & makes everyone's day a whole lot brighter! Also the mother of 2 really wonderful tykes - she's awesome!

Kym - a pillar of strength and a source of courage that emboldens me as I watch her walk through a dark valley - she's a tough broad who loves Jesus!

Mary - an "old" friend from high school who feels like a "new" friend to me now!

Kim - this Kim is a worker & she defines the Proverb "Go to the ant, thou sluggard." In the midst of a busy and joyful time in her life she keeps serving those around her and moves the rest of us to sacrificial service, too!

Jodi - generous beyond measure to my family - always spurring me on in my parenting and ministry - and setting an example of how to love my husband!

Lacey - a source of information, talent and pizazz that bless my life week in and week out!

Tonnya - someone who is dedicated to young ladies - and this from a lady who does not have any young ladies of her own - she serves not out of the abundance of time, but out of her lack of it, even when she must be a little bit tired!

Rebecca - a friend who lives 2 states away, but will always live right next door to my heart - someone who can make me smile on my very worst day - and someone who has borne great loss with great trust in Jesus!

Kari - she has moved in and out of our city many times, but she has never moved out of my heart - she is like a good book that you enjoy always - a friend I can talk to about anything w/o altering her opinion of me!

Kim - a friend who has drawn me deeper into God's Word, walked paths with me that were long and hard, and has allowed me to pray for her and speak into her life even as I have cried with her.

Lisa - someone I knew is grade school/middle school/high school - but someone who is now my sister in Christ - she keeps me praying for my high school friends who don't know Christ - a truly neat woman of God!

Linda - from our bowling days of total chaos, to our current days of homeschooling high schoolers - Linda is true to herself and true to her Lord - a good mom, a good daughter, a good wife, and a good friend!

Tonya - to my friend who makes raising a dozen kids look easy - WOW! - she juggles it all so well, and still has time to help others in any way she can - a homeschooling machine - and an avid reader of HUGE books (hilarious little story she shared with me recently - maybe I'll blog about it if she gives me permission).

Lora - I may not see her too much & we don't talk all that often, but this is one lady I know I could call upon at any time with any need and she would be there for me without any hesitation. She's wonderful!

Ashley - a busy mom of 2 lovely young ladies who never, ever thinks I'm off my nut by a mile and a half, no matter what I do or what ridiculous thing I say - she's always been there to spur me on in ministry and parenting - and she is also very hilarious, so she can always put me in a good mood!

Okay, I know I am forgetting loads of wonderful women friends - but let me just call this a good start. Thanks to all those who make my life better just by being there...you guys are awesome!

Thank a friend for their role in your life sometime soon!

Day 26 done :)

Jan L. Burt


  1. Aww Jan -- what an honor to be listed in your group of friends...and what a priviledge to be your friend! You are quite the amazing friend and awesome prayer warrior yourself. I know if I need something prayed over, I know I can depend on you to earnestly pray and stand in the gap with/for me!! Your entire family is such a HUGE blessing to my family -- and there are times you've helped with L's "isuses", whether it was advice, or praying, or letting me vent, or working directly with L at church that I (and L) will be eternally grateful for!!! Love you!!!

  2. Love you too, lady!! BTW, I have been praying for your dear friend and her daughter, and for you as you minister to this family along with so many other people!! My life would be much poorer w/o you in it...that goes for your "3" boys, too :)

  3. Thanks Jan. You're awesome, flat-out awesome. You always inspire me, for SO many reasons!!! Thanks for being real (especially when you might be accused of being "off your nut") and for the many ways you encourage and spur on those in your life!

    PS- thanks because I really needed to hear that (and I'm certain I'm NOT alone in that!)