A Blog Devoted to Encouraging Homeschooling Mothers

A Blog Devoted to Encouraging Homeschooling Mothers
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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Let Hope In by Pete Wilson

The book Let Hope In (4 Choices That Will Change Your Life Forever) by Pete Wilson is an easy-to-read book divided into four sections. Each section focuses on a different area in which hope can "come in" and bring about transformation. At 219 pages, Let Hope In isn't a lengthy book but it does contain some valuable insight for those looking to let Jesus have more and more of their heart.

The four sections touch on transforming instead of transferring; being okay as compared to not being okay; trusting rather than pleasing; freeing people in lieu of hurting them. Four sections of a book that represent four segments of our hearts and lives...places where we may have put up a "NO TRESPASSING" sign that we expect Jesus to read loud and clear.

Of course, the Christian life is a trade (it's no longer our own, for we were bought with a price). We don't have the option of telling the Lord to "KEEP OUT" because He owns us, so to speak, and more than that He loves us. Sometimes His love is terrifyingly vast, frighteningly enormous, looming larger than we can bear. The book Let Hope In allows us to step into that large love and provides a fresh outlook on what living in the light of that love really comes down to.

My personal favorite section is the one about being okay versus being not okay, and Scott Hamilton's story struck a chord within me. We tell our kids that it's okay to be who they are, the person God created them to be. Yet if we're honest, we can admit that we don't always let ourselves be who He made us to be. Such a great reminder that it really is okay to just be...okay.

But I'd also like to share that there are things about this book that I really did not like. Some of the ways the author sort of "lessens" the price of sin really bother me. I'm very high-truth, very Type-A, and I find that I have little patience for someone who even seems to hint at sin being less sinful because it's been fully atoned for. Jesus took it seriously (Matthew 5:29 comes to mind) and I think we also need to take it seriously. Not refusing to forgive, because we're called to obey the Lord's command to forgive - just don't neglect the great cost that sin requires.

On my "Page Turner Scale" of 1 to 5, I gave this book a 4.

Disclaimer ~ I received this book free of charge for review purposes from BookSneeze. All opinions shared here are solely my own.

Day 284 done :)

Jan L. Burt


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