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TOS Crew Product Review ~ Judah Bible Curriculum

If I had to give a concise description of Judah Bible Curriculum, I would say it is a wealth of a resource.

Attempting to give a not-so-concise description of Judah Bible might prove to be a challenge for me; as it is a wealth of a resource, I doubt I can provide a complete picture of all it has to offer. So, before I dive into this review, let me point you to the website ~ ~ and suggest you take a look at the info under the tab "Why is the JBC Unique?". That should aid in any questions you might have!

The typical homeschooling mom is ridiculously busy. I get that; I'm ridiculously busy myself. In that vein, let me say that Judah Bible Curriculum can be adapted and used in a homeschool setting. They key for the homeschool mom, however, is to not become overwhelmed when looking at this Bible curriculum. Just keep in mind that the Bible is the most important topic our children will study in our homeschool and an in-depth curriculum could be exactly what we need to help us in our teaching. And since JBC is a one-time purchase that can be used from K-12, it could be a great value for your family! So take a deep breath, finish reading my review (and my Crew mates reviews HERE) and then jump over to their website ( to see if JBC is a good fit for your family.

Judah Bible Curriculum follows the Principle Approach to develop a deep understanding of the Bible. It's not so much a workbook, fill-in-the-blank type of curriculum; it's more like a guided way of drawing a deeper grasp of God's Word out of the heart of the students. To help with teaching JBC, and to help students get the most out of the curriculum, there are 8 lectures included with purchase. These lectures can be downloaded and saved on your pc, or listened to using a media player once you've accessed them at the website. I found these lectures to have a relaxed, conversational feel to them, while at the same time being interesting and informative. They vary in length from 46 to 76 minutes each, and you could listen to each lecture in smaller "bite sized" segments.

One vital component of JBC is something called a "Key Sheet". It is used by the student to take notes about individuals,, events, institutions, and documents as the student works through a Bible passage. These sheets aid in drawing the information from each portion of Scripture. Students can create a notebook for each years Biblical studies containing these "Key Sheets" and other work (following the Notebooking Method). It's a good habit to keep track of what we learn as we read God's Word and personally feel that any curriculum that encourages this spiritual discipline is a solid one to use in a Christian homeschool.

Student's study one key topic each week. The Bible itself is the textbook. Any translation of the Bible can be used with JBC, but it is recommended you use a translation and not a paraphrase. Scripture memory is an important part of this Bible curriculum ~ which really goes without saying :)

There are also writing exercises that teach children to analyze the material with reasoning skills. Testing is included, but the tests are typically essays.

The Judah Bible Curriculum Philosophy of Education (found on Page 1 of Manual) states that they seek to make the Bible the center of all education. They state that Christian school is not enough; we must have Christian education. They list several educational goals that all aim to move our children toward spiritual maturity.

Other reference materials you will need are: a concordance, a commentary, a Bible dictionary, and perhaps some maps and timelines too. Many of these are already available in a quality study Bible; check there before making any pricey purchases!

A Scope & Sequence can be found at their website under the "Why is the JBC Unique" tab on their home page.

The entire curriculum is available for $44 (download version) or $69 (hard copy version) and includes the JBC K-12 Manual or e-book, Elementary Notebook Ideas Booklet (as a download or view online), Eight-lecture Teacher Training Seminars (on CD, download, or listen online).

Thanks for reading this product review and be sure to keep Christ at the center of your home, while keeping the study of His Word at the center of your homeschool!

Day 186 done :)

Jan L. Burt


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