A Blog Devoted to Encouraging Homeschooling Mothers

A Blog Devoted to Encouraging Homeschooling Mothers
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Saturday, February 4, 2012

TOS Crew Product Review ~ Celestial Almanack, Volume 2 (February)

The Celestial Almanack, Volume 2 (February 2012)- A Visual Representation of the Sky by Jay Ryan, from The Classical Astronomy. Yes, that's quite a title. And this is quite a product.

This resource is a 21-page ebook, available as an instant download from (here is the DIRECT LINK). It sells for the very moderate price of $3.00, and let me just say you get a whole lot of product for a small amount of pocket change!

This volume is filled with well written content, which by my definition means it's interesting and engaging, holds my children's attention while teaching them, and doesn't "dawdle" but rather keeps moving.

February's volume of Celestial Almanack covers Leap Years (it's the perfect time to study Leap Years in your homeschool since 2012 is a Leap Year!), the origin of the calendar, the astronomical calendar, the sun's delcination, the great constellation Orion, North East and West horizons, Jupiter and Venus, Mars and Saturn. The Celestial Almanack has excellent graphs of the day time sky, as well as the night time sky, which is a real plus if you have visually inclined learners in your homeschool.

Written from a strongly Christian perspective, The Celestial Almanack, Volume 2 is a trustworthy way to study astronomy in a way that glorifies the Lord. Bible verses and references to God's handiwork made manifest in the sky are generously used throughout this ebook. It's a delight to study such an amazing topic with this wonderful resource!

Just one example of the information contained in The Celestial Almanack would be the author's explanation of the sun's "movement" through the summer and winter solstices. Using a terrific visual graph, the entire process is explained in a clear but interesting manner. If you're children have ever wondered about astronomy, I cannot think of a better way to get your feet wet!

The "Seasons and Skies - Evening" visual chart is just terrific. It makes your star-gazing easy as every detai is clearly laid out by date through the entire month of February. And it shows the sky as it will appear at around 8 pm - which is perfect for homeschool moms who don't keep their children up too late!

Mr. Ryan's statement that he feels "Orion's Belt is a type of miracle, as if anyone could believe that such an unlikely alignment of bright stars could happen by accident" reminds me that Psalm 19:1 tells us the heavens declare the glory of God. Using The Celestial Almanack, you will show your children exactly HOW the heavens declare God's glory. What an amazing experience to share with your children!

Once you are able to easily locate Orion, this guide will teach you how to find other constellations based on Orion's location in the winter sky. Think of the impact this will have on your children! They will always be able to find these stars in the night sky, and will be in awe of their Creator. Perhaps they will pass along this knowledge to their children, continuing the legacy of glorifying God throughout the generations.

Broken into small bites through the month of February, this almanack is a great way to breathe newness into your homeschool this winter. I highly recommend grabbing a copy of this instant download at right away.

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As always, I received this product free of charge for review purposes.

Happy Sky Watching!

Day 153 done :)

Jan L. Burt

P.S. -
If the New England Patriots win the Super Bowl, I will have a HUGE sale on my Bible study starting Monday, February 6th (in honor of my son who is a HUGE Patriots fan).

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