A Blog Devoted to Encouraging Homeschooling Mothers

A Blog Devoted to Encouraging Homeschooling Mothers
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Thursday, November 3, 2011

TOS Crew Product Review ~ First Form Latin from Memoria Press

First impression upon opening the package I received from Memoria Press: WOW!! They sent me the whole shebang!

Second impression upon opening the package I received from Memoria Press: WOW!! They must not know how un-confident I feel about teaching - gulp - Latin!

The set I received from Memoria Press was First Form Latin Plus DVDs and Flashcards (sent to me free of charge for review purposes). This set contains the Teacher Manual, Student Text, Student Workbook, Quizzes & Tests, Pronunciation CD, Flashcards and DVDs. It is a very thorough set, and it does it's job of allowing moms like me to teach Latin to their children :) It's a quality program and provided me with the tools I needed to conquer a foreign language that I did not feel confident about teaching. The only items I needed in addition to the materials included with First Form Latin were a student notebook and a dictionary containing word etymology. (And just in case you happen to be a whiz when it comes to Latin, no worries - it's designed for teachers with or without a Latin background.)

Memoria Press encourages the study of Latin grammar to take place using four books (First, Second, Third, and Fourth Forms). Each text is a small book of about 100 pages with 30-35 concise two-page lessons. Each text has a corresponding workbook (4-6 pages of exercises per lesson). First Form Latin provides plenty of resources to aid in student success, which makes it a favorite subject for my daughter. This curriculum can be used from 3rd through 12th grades (and remember, any time you spend a year teaching a foreign language counts as one year of foreign language on your child's high school transcript, no matter what year the material is taught).

The "Teaching Guidelines" are very thorough, and I truly appreciated that I did not feel like I was drowning under the weight of them. Clearly broken into numbered segments, it's easy to go back and review any portion as needed. Once we dug into the program, it became pretty easy to use and the time investment isn't as great as I expected.

The more we use First Form Latin, the less intimidating Latin becomes. This really is a user-friendly program that anyone can use with no prior exposure to Latin. Teaching a foreign language seems overwhelming at times, and it can seem simpler to hand the entire process over to someone more skilled. But as homeschoolers, we must daily rise to the challenge of teaching subject matter that seems intimidating. Latin is really no different, and if you've considered it but been afraid to teach it, First Form Latin from Memoria Press - combined with your own dedication - is a great place to begin!

My daughter, who previously disliked any foreign language assignment, said this, "There are multiple ways to learn each part of a lesson. A variety of different ways to incorporate learning made me feel like I could 'get it', if not one way than another. First Form Latin explains it well, even in the confusing moments. When I do feel confused, I just keep looking and I always find the answer I need somewhere in the curriculum. The vocabulary is probably my favorite portion of Latin. And I really like the way each lesson builds upon the last. If you want to learn Latin, Memoria Press is the way to go!"

To explore First Form Latin for yourself, visit

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Other items available from Memoria Press include K-6 curriculum packages, an Online Academy, Logic & Rhetoric materials, Geography, Christian Studies, Greek plus a whole lot more.

First Form Latin sells for $55 for the basic set, and $115 for the complete set that I received.

Thanks for reading my review of First Form Latin from Memoria Press - and remember, don't be afraid to jump in with both feet to teach foreign language. You can do it!

Day 129 done :)

Jan L. Burt

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