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Clarifying Our Ministry as Moms

Do you ever feel pushed and pulled and filled with uncertainty about your ministry as a mom who homeschools? Should you say yes to that small group Bible study, or should you say no? Can you take time out for an evening walk with your husband, or do you need to spend that time prepping for the following day's school? Maybe you struggle with caring for aging parents while fulfilling your call to homeschool. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution to the daily struggle to find balance in our lives, God's Word does provide us with all the wisdom and counsel we need for our daily dilemmas.

It's natural for us to take a grass-is-greener approach to life, and often we do it without recognizing it (but remember, the sinful man lives according to his natural lusts and we are called to live according to the Spirit). For example, that small group for women may be something you really, really want to do and it seems like the perfect way to take a short break each week - and when we are busy homeschooling our older children with little our little tikes hanging off our lower limbs all day long, that break sounds pretty good. But what if, when we felt that longing for a break or some time with other adults, we stopped to consider whether that small group might be God's best for us at some point in the future instead of right now? We may think we need to go to Bible study in order to grow in God's Word so that we can be better wives and mothers (and sometimes that is what He wants us to do) - but what if, just what if, He wants to grow us right in our own homes, doing what He has called us to do in this season of our lives? Small groups are wonderful, and sometimes they are what God has planned for us; other times, He wants us to submit to His will for our life and stop looking for a "break" or "time away". Growth happens when we obey Him, so the key is to find out what He wants us to do and then to actually do it (whether or not we feel like doing it)!

Say you're trying to figure out if you should take that evening stroll with your hubby, or stay home and plan tomorrow's homeschool day to the nth degree. Now, I cannot tell you exactly what's right and what's wrong in this situation - but I can tell you that many homeschooling mamas are Type A, strong-willed, stubborn work-a-holics! And those mamas are the ones who really do need to put away the curriculum and take that walk with their husband! For the moms who want to take a walk or watch a movie or read a novel every single night of the week, perhaps a little more time spent planning is in order. In reality, what we want to do (in our flesh) can be a red flag as to what we ought to do instead. But I'm sure you already know that...homeschooling has a way of revealing the truth about human nature unlike any other endeavor we might undertake!

Caring for elderly parents and still trying to complete your homeschool lessons each day is a daunting task that really is overwhelming. But the God who called you to homeschool, the God who desires for you to honor your parents, is the God who will help you one day at a time to fulfill both of those ministries to His glory. You might be exhausted, stretched too thin, and uncertain about how each day will unfold but you will receive strength from the Holy Spirit and blessings untold as you submit your time to the God who holds all time in His hands. In the end, you will be glad you persevered.

And lastly, let me just remind you that one of your most vital roles as a mom is that of a comforter to your children. Please don't fall into the trap of encouraging and comforting your friends, neighbors, and extended family members while failing to comfort and encourage the children who share your home. Seriously, listen up ladies! We cannot possibly be in the center of God's will for our lives as homeschoolers if we only correct and reprimand our children (and don't tell me it's part of educating them - God teaches best with love and compassion and He is our example in all things).

As always, don't take my word for it, but do take His Word ~

Jeremiah 29:13 "If you look for me in earnest, you will find me when you seek me. I will be found by you," says the Lord.
*This verse reminds me to seek Him right where I am, in the midst of teaching a proof in Geometry or in my decision about signing up for a small group.

Isaiah 66:3 "As a mother comforts her children, so I will comfort you."
*In this verse God clearly tells me to comfort my children, and to treat them in the kind manner in which He treats me.

Psalm 118:7 "The Lord is with me; He is my helper."
*Here I find God's promise to be with me and help me through each and every moment of each and every day; I cannot do it on my own, but I cannot fail when I allow Him to help me.

Lord bless you as you continue in your ministry today!

Day 113 done :)

Jan L. Burt


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