A Blog Devoted to Encouraging Homeschooling Mothers

A Blog Devoted to Encouraging Homeschooling Mothers
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Can I Take A Sick Day if I Claim to Have Spring Fever??

I've realized that my life has been so busy as of late that I haven't had any time at all to do one of my favorite things ~ ~ ~ which is attempting to encourage other homeschooling mothers via this little blog!!

And while I haven't suddenly unearthed an unfathomable amount of the precious commodity TIME I have discovered that giving myself a short break in order to blog is allowed even in the midst of my busy busy busy life.

So this post isn't typical for me. It's probably not meant to encouraging anyone else as much as it is to give myself a little boost! After all, I have begun to feel a bit weary and God's Word says not to grow weary in well-doing so that I might reap a harvest in due time if I don't give up. One of the ways I keep myself from caving into weariness is by reminding myself of God's promises from His Word. And one of the best places I've found declare God's Truth is right here in Blogger-Land.

I am ready for spring; I am ready for spring break; I am ready for our family vacation; I am ready for the busy-busy-busy pace of life to s-l-o-w w-a-y d-o-w-n. Of all the things I am ready for right now, above all I am ready to know my Savior better. Spring is powerful and emotional for us as human beings because we experience winter. The springtime of our souls is longed for because winter takes places spiritually, not just seasonally. Spring will reveal what grew in me over the winter months. I am ready to see what the Lord would like to reveal to me as spring approaches. And remembering that spring is on it's way spurs me on toward love and good deeds, even as winter tries to hang on just a little longer.

I guess I don't need to take a sick day, even if spring fever has taken a hold of me. I think I just need to hold on to what I know best, as it is revealed to me in God's sixty-six beautiful books. The only thing I really only need to be ready to depend more on Jesus. The rest is all just fluff anyway, and what I need as a homeschool mom is what's real. Forget the fluff - in essence, that's the same as gathering lint from the dryer in the hopes it will make me a millionaire. It's not valuable; it's highly flammable, just like anything I long for that doesn't advance God's purposes and bring Him glory.

As I get ready to say good-bye to winter and prepare to move into spring, may I remember to spend even my busiest of days loving Jesus more than I did the day before.

Day 78 done :)

Jan L. Burt

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