A Blog Devoted to Encouraging Homeschooling Mothers

A Blog Devoted to Encouraging Homeschooling Mothers
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

TOS Product Review ~ Wits & Wagers Family by North Star Games

Doing the "work" for this review was just plain fun ~ and since the weeks before Christmas are often a time when homeschool families take some time off from their usual studies to relax and enjoy the season, this was the perfect time of year to review the board game "Wits and Wagers Family" (from North Star Games). This is a family version of their game "Wits and Wagers".

The game includes a scoreboard, dry erase markers, the game pieces (called Meeples), Question and Answer boards, and the answer cards. It is recommended for ages 8 and up and is aimed at 3 to 10 players, although it could be adapted to use with teams if you had a large group of people.

Playing "Wits and Wagers Family" is simple:
1. Ask a question
2. Answer the question by placing your answer card face down on the table
3. When everyone has answered, flip the boards over and put them in order from smallest to largest
4. Once all guesses have been placed in order, all players (or teams of players) place their "Meeples" on the answer board that they think will win.
5. After all the "Meeples" are placed, read the correct answer to the question.
6. The winning guess is the number closest to the correct answer without going over.
7. Players score points using a points system.
8. Continue game play
9. The first player to 15 points wins the game

Don't worry if that sounds confusing; my kids thought it would take a while to catch on to how the game is played, but they had it figured out in one round.

I have seen this game for sale at Target and at Amazon.com, along with other North Star Games products (the original Wits and Wagers; Wits and Wagers Expansion Pack; Say Anything). Prices range from $30 on the high end down to $15 (lower depending on where you make your purchase). You can find out more at their website ~ www.NorthStarGames.com. While checking out the website, look at their "Inside Corner" for some interesting information about their company and products.

I'd like to briefly share some of my children's comments about the game "Wits and Wagers Family" since they are the ones who played it the most :)

"It was hilarious seeing the answers everyone came up with!"

"We could bring it on a trip and play it while we are driving."

"It's fun picking who you think will win."

"The game asked good questions; not too easy & not too hard."

"I actually had to use my brain."

"Everyone gets involved, so no one feels left out while we play."

"I wish it had a timer or a time limit. Sometimes it takes a while for everybody to make their guesses."

And finally, they all said, "It was a really fun game!" We have lots of games in our house, but not all of them have been described as "really fun", LOL!

Overall I think "Wits and Wagers Family" would make a great Christmas gift for any family. It would also make a nice addition to any homeschooling mom's "game arsenal".

And after reading this post, how about planning your family's next game night?

Day 61 done :)

Jan L. Burt

(This product was sent to me free of charge for review purposes.)

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