A Blog Devoted to Encouraging Homeschooling Mothers

A Blog Devoted to Encouraging Homeschooling Mothers
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Monday, October 11, 2010

Walking Backwards with Michal

Okay, I'm starting my study to see what lessons I can learn from the heart of Michal...and I'm starting at the end and working my way back to the beginning! I don't normally study Bible figures this way; this time, however, I think there is a whole lot that I can learn by looking at where she ended up and slowly examining how she got there.

Today I was reading about her relationship with David in 2 Samuel 6 ~ and the first thing that jumped out at me was that she LET herself become bitter. We've all met bitter women; we've probably all been bitter women at some point. And there's only one way to be a bitter woman - by letting yourself beocome one. Whether it happens quickly or over time, it's always an allowed behavior on our part. This was her choice and she chose bitterness over any of the good things the Lord had for her. What struck me is how terribly sad that is ~ we all know a bitter woman is the not someone we can stand to be around for very long and we all know a bitter woman is a force to be reckoned with ~ but a bitter woman is also very sad to look upon. Michal was in a sad state in 2 Samuel 6, but it had taken her quite some time and a series of poor choices to get there.

In verse 16 she is identified as the "daughter of Saul". Genesis tells us to leave and cleave - we leave our father and our mother and become one flesh with our husband. It's simply not right to refer to ourselves as our father's daughters after we take our marriage vows. Now we are someone's wife. Reading her described as the daughter of Saul gives me some clues as to her state of mind; frustrated, filled with regret, and ready to remind those around her that she is the daughter of the first King of Israel...hmmm, sounds like a bitter woman to me! This is a great reminder to think of myself in accordance with the standard laid out in God's Word - and no other standard will suffice. If He says I am to identify myself with my husband and to leave my parents to become one flesh and a helpmeet to my husband, then that is what I must do joyfully; not because marriage is always full of joy and ease, but because His commandments are not too burdensome for me and because He Who loves me best can be trusted best.

Also in verse 16 I read that she was "looking down" from her window. Why? That was my question...Why was she looking down from her window? She wasn't participating in David's ministry - his loves had not become her loves. She was easily filled with contempt for him because she had separated herself from him emotionally. (This may have been in response to earlier issues in their marriage - but even if Michal the woman had difficulty forgiving David, Michal the daughter of the King ought to have been able to rise above their past and forgive...and aren't we all the King of king's daughters?) This portion of Michal's behavior reminded me that I am called to fully and completely "be there" for and with my husband. Even from her window Michal could have "looked up" to the Lord rather than "looking down" on David. She could have supported him and been his biggest fan. To do this she would have to let the Lord heal her hurts - which would have meant letting God in. Maybe that was the scary part for her, and maybe that's the scary part for every wife; the letting go and letting God in.

In verse 20 we see David, King of Israel, coming home to bless his family. Was Michal about to be blessed? Let's assume she was; but she didn't know David's intentions and she didn't wait to find out. Instead she bolted out to "meet" him and told him exactly what she thought of his actions. She did it boldly, brazenly, and in total disgust. How often do I forsake my blessings because I bolt ahead to gripe and complain? Do I assume too much about my husband? Do I make a poor trade - do I exchange a blessing for bitterness? Yup, sometimes I do that.

That is as far as my backwards study of Michal got today...but it was plenty far enough for me to hear the Lord speaking loudly to my heart! God is so good; He never leaves me empty when I come to His Word seeking Him. Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits. He truly does wash me with His Word and renew my spirit within me.

May the Lord's blessing be upon you and may His Word be a balm to your soul and a boon to your spirit!

Day 46 done :)

Jan L. Burt

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  1. Jan,
    I never caught the verse 16 - I'm always impressed with your skill at discerning the Word of God. You have always supported me and been my biggest fan and I am yours as well! Great truth from God's Word.