A Blog Devoted to Encouraging Homeschooling Mothers

A Blog Devoted to Encouraging Homeschooling Mothers
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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Product Review - New Monic Book's Vocabulary Cartoons, SAT Word Power

Vocabulary Cartoons, SAT Word Power (published by New Monic Books)is a fast-paced, simple to use asset for any highschooler prepping for the SAT. This 347 page book uses menmonics to teach 290 words commonly found on the SAT test. The age range suggested is 7th t 12th grade, but it really could be used from 3rd grade on up through 12th. At $12.95 for the paperback edition, it really is a good deal.

My high school students have used a variety of methods in their SAT and ACT preparations, including HUGE test guides, piles of vocabulary word flashcards, daily emails, and SAT prep websites. This handy little book would have been a real gem - if only I'd discovered it sooner!!

Some "complaints" I have about the resources we used are that the stacks of flashcards can tip over and become disorganized; websites take time access when schedules are full & remembering passwords can use up valuable time; test guides are big, bulky and just plain inconvenient to use. While this resource from New Monic wouldn't solve all these problems, it would help with learning common SAT words - therefore it would eliminate stacks of vocab words on flashcards. Believe me, it's no fun when a pile tips over and the words are suddenly all out of order...time spent re-ordering flashcards is NOT time well spent. SAT and ACT prep is stressful by nature - this is a time of uncertainty in the life of a teenager and as a homeschooling mom, I strive to make things simpler for my child as he preps for his college future (note I said simpler - not easier...there is an important difference!).

The ease of this program is based in the use of mnemonics to "link" the vocabulary words to certain memories or key words. Similar to the phrase, "In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue," this book uses mnemonics to "stick" the vocab words in the student's memory. Simple, yet effective - you can see why even 3rd graders can benefit from this book! I received this book at no charge from the publisher in order to review it, but I really would recommend this product...I'd also like to suggest their Coffin's Patch book (an engaging novel that includes 430 SAT words highlighted in the text) and the Picture Speller for Young Writers (this would have been great when my kids were younger!). To see these products, or to buy SAT Word Power in softcover or CD edition, visit their website at

Thanks for checking out my review of New Monic's Vocabulary Cartoons, SAT Word Power. Have a fantastic weekend & happy SAT prepping!!

Day 41 done :)

Jan L. Burt

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