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If I Had It To Do All Over Again

Ever wonder about what you would do differenly if given the chance? Would you be kinder to the kid going through an awkward phase in your high school gym class? Maybe you would spend less time tidying your house and more time rocking your baby. Would you save more for retirement? Or give more to those in need? Major in the majors of life instead of majoring in the minors? Worry less and laugh more?

Since we can't go back and do things over again, the only good that comes from thinking about what we would change if we were able is allowing our "wish-I-coulda's" to alter our reality right now. And that is easier said than done, right?

We have all experienced epic moments in life that cause us to pause and think about what's most important. Every one of us has watched others live their lives in ways that matter - and we've seen people miss the most important stuff by a mile. Human nature lends itself to the envy of those who are getting it right and the urge to knock some sense into those who aren't. The hard part is looking in our own mirror, allowing the Lord to show us what's in our hearts, and trusting Him to lead us along paths of righteousness for His name's sake.

I've got a laundry list of things I wish I had done differently. But I've also got a laundry list of things I'm glad I did "right", thanks to God and His grace working in my life. I'm glad I've been able to homeschool all these years. The time spent with my family has been the best investment I could possibly have made. I'm glad I've taken trips with my family, gotten to know my nieces and nephews, urged my children to try new things, encouraged my husband in both his civilian and military careers, and put aside my own "wants" to meet the "needs" of those around me. When I reflect on my laundry list of things I wish I'd done differently, I hope it pushes me toward the Lord, His Word, and a life lived for the good of others and for God's glory; it's pointless to allow my "shoulda dones" to drive me to a place of useless despair. I can't glorify the Lord if I don't continue to daily press on toward the mark and the prize of my high calling in Christ Jesus my Lord.

Keep focusing on Jesus and enjoying the time you have with your family, even doing the day to day stuff. You really might realize that was the most important stuff after all. It really is worth it - trust me on this, you're doing the right thing by being a mom to your children & by being a wife to your husband, by clinging to Jesus an leaning on His Spirit one day at a time. You may not be able to see it from where you are today, but the day will come when you will see clearly and you will see that if you had it to do all over again, you'd do exactly what you're doing: loving your family as a homeschool mom!

Watch for a special post next week on August 3rd.

Day 35 done :)

Jan L. Burt


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