A Blog Devoted to Encouraging Homeschooling Mothers

A Blog Devoted to Encouraging Homeschooling Mothers
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Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday with Mimi

Wow! It's been a while since I've posted! Has my life been busy or have I just neglected this blog? Hmmm...I think my life has been pretty busy and while I may have neglected my blog I don't think I've been neglecting my family, so I guess I'm doing okay, right?!

I won't give you a blow-by-blow of what's been keeping me so busy - but some of it is pretty important to our homeschool so I will likely blog about it in the future. Today I'm posting about our lovely female Pug named Mimi. She is a small dog with a big personality, and she brings a whole lot of fun into our lives. Mimi has had some eye problems over the last year and a half, and has been seeing a specialist on a regular basis. Each time Mimi has an appointment with "Dr. B" he puts some numbing drops in her eyes and then measures her pressure in each eye. Now, what's interesting about all of this is that Mimi really loves "Dr. B". I don't mean a little - she thinks this fella is all that and more! When she sees her harness (which she wears rather than a traditional collar - the harness actually helps keep her eye pressures down) she begins to bounce around and make happy growling noises. She jumps into the front seat with my daughter Alexandra and waits very impatiently as we drive. Once we have been driving long enough to ensure we are not going to her regular vet, she gets a little more excited. When we pull into the parking lot and she jumps out of the front seat (dragging Alex along behind her!) she is more excited. By the time we walk into the building, she's nearly bursting at the seams. Then we are taken into the patient room to wait for "Dr. B". She moans. She cries. She rubs her harness against our legs. She looks at the exam table and looks at the doctor's chair. And whines some more. And then, every single time, she sits down right at the door, listening and watching intently for any movement or sound that might be the good doctor. The entire time her little tail is waving like a flag in the wind.

Finally, the moment arrives and "Dr. B" opens the door. Mimi can barely contain herself as she leaps up on him and gives him kisses and sits in his lap while he just loves on her. And then she keeps loving on him while he puts medicine in her eyes, and while the nurse holds her down so that the doctor can measure the pressure in each eye over and over again. And then finally, he gives her a treat and more love. Then while he fills us in on the health of her eyes, she sits quietly near his feet, watching him and wagging her tail. Then "Dr. B" says good-bye to Mimi and Alex takes her to the car while I pay the bill. Once we get home, our two other Pugs (Roly and Jack) will check Mimi over and make sure she is okay. (It sounds silly, but they stand at the door and cry when one of them goes to the vet - they're such babies!) Mimi will spend the rest of the day happily content, lying on the couch or moving from one spot to another to get the best sunshine. It's all good in her world; she got to see "Dr. B".

Today, however, was a bittersweet day. For the past year, Mimi's pressures have been really good - no glaucoma, no blindness setting in - just good numbers if she has her medicines every day. Now that her numbers have been so good for so long, "Dr. B" doesn't need to see her again unless problems develop. I'm so happy Mimi is doing well - and Alex doesn't miss a single day of her medicine. And I'm so sad for Mimi, because she won't be seeing her dear "Dr. B" any longer.

I have found I can learn a few things from Mimi. I can take great joy in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, even when my "eyes are being poked", so to speak. I can anticipate His presence and rest fully in His care for me, even when the only thing I can feel is a poke in the eye. I can be content to sit at His feet, just like Mimi sits quietly at her eye doctor's feet. And I can spend the rest of my day content and at peace, because I've spent time with Him each morning.

This isn't always easy for me - sometimes I am totally insecure about what's happening in my life. But instead I ought to feel totally "secure in His treasure pouch" (1 Samuel 25:29). Mimi doesn't have a worry in sight - neither should I. Mimi doesn't fear that "Dr. B" might harm her - neither should I fear. Mimi isn't afraid of what might happen in the future - I should not fear the future, either.

I realize I might be extreme in that I draw encouragement from a trip to the vet...and I hope I don't sound flippant or appear to have a lack of reverence. I'm not at all flippant about the Lord and I revere Him as King of kings and Lord of lords. Perhaps I'm just simple minded and He uses daily life to speak to my heart. I'm certainly glad He does :)

Enjoy your homeschool day as you rest safe and secure in the Lord's treasure pouch!

Day 28 done :)

Jan L. Burt


  1. I don't think you are being flippant!!! Sometimes I find God-lessons in the craziest places! It just shows you are keeping your eyes peeled - because these important lessons are very easy to miss!

    Glad Mimi is doing well. Hopefully she doesn't get too bummed about missing Dr. B...maybe she'll have to take him some brownies or something later as a thank you. ;-)

  2. GREAT post, Jan -- and while I think Mimi is a hoot and I love love love hearing the stories your family has about her -- I think that your comparison to Mimi with "Dr. B" and how we should be with the Lord is right on!! You are such a wonderful breath of fresh air -- and such an awesome encouragement to me in my daily walk with the Lord and in our friendship as well. What a blessing YOU are!! :)

    PS -- On a "lighter" note -- umm will there be a blog post soon about the newest addition to your family? I received some "welcome" pictures from your husband yesterday -- HA!! I told him that looked like a great new play toy...or snack...for your 3 pugs hahaha!!