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State of the Union? State of the Kingdom!

So, did most of you watch the State of the Union on Wednesday evening? I watched it - there is a strange part of me that really enjoys seeing our country's traditions in action, and the annual address by the President to report the state of our union is one of those traditions. As the wife of a soldier, I especially appreciate the tradition maintained by the Joint Chiefs during the speech - no applause, no facial expressions, no rising from their seats. They do what my hubby does when in uniform - have no personal opinion & always behave respectfully toward the President in attitude and speech because he is the Commander in Chief. Part of why I appreciate it so very much is because I have seen my husband in action, displaying this noble attitude of service to his country when people approach him to "vent" or "discuss politics" simply because he is in uniform. Trust me, not everyone who has "shared" with him has been polite or pro-Army!! It's not easy to maintain a dignified demeanor, but it is something soldier's have been doing for many, many years. Honor the rank, honor the position, honor the long military traditions of our country even when you have a difficult time with some of the beliefs of the individual you are honoring.

Now, watching the address on Wed. could have been a little discouraging. But the good news is that Jesus is on His throne, time and all eternity are in the Father's hands, things are not "out of control" but fully under His control and divine authority. The state of the union may be a little "iffy" but the State of the Kingdom is perfectly secure. We have such a blessed hope, such great and precious promises, that we have no need of fear and should cast all our anxiety upon Him, for He cares for us. Once our focus turns from the cares of this life, which try to choke out God's Word, and rest upon Who Christ Jesus is and what His Word proclaims to be true, we can find the rest for our souls that He promised us. There isn't room for long-term discouragement in the Kingdom of God. Even when it's all bad news all around us, it's all Good News because Jesus lives!

To relate this post to homeschooling, perhaps you could discuss why we have State of the Union and State of the State addresses each year. Why is there a rebuttal from the minority party? How did this get started? Why do the Speaker of the House and the VP sit directly behind the President? How are individuals chosen to sit in the First Lady's box? Where do the Supreme Court justices sit, and where is the Chief Justice seated? What about the Joint Chiefs? The House sit where? The Senate members sit where? You could go on and on - discussing why the President is announced in a certain manner, why it is acceptable to be a little "loud" during this speech (compared to Parliament in England, where they are "loud" quite often), what is security like for this annual event? You could expand to your state government, and discuss that in depth and perhaps talk about the state of Nebraska, which is the only state to have a Unicameral state government. Talk about our country's traditions, how they began and why we continue with them. What's good? What's not so good? The kids could write and essay, create a power point, or even share what they have learned over dinner with the family. They might want to continue to learn about our government on their own, and may end up teaching mom a few things.

Remember, also, to guard the state of your marriage union. It's almost the weekend - maybe there is a fun and creative way you can be a blessing to your husband over the next couple of days! Enjoy your family time - and if you live in south central Kansas, hope you enjoy the snow!

Lord bless your homeschool & praise the Lord, the state of the Kingdom is solidly and perfectly under His control!

Day 14 done :)

Jan L. Burt


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