A Blog Devoted to Encouraging Homeschooling Mothers

A Blog Devoted to Encouraging Homeschooling Mothers
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Thursday, June 23, 2011

OOPS - Did I Forget to Blog??

It's hard for me to believe I haven't posted in such a long while. I guess I must have been busy the last, well...the last couple of...the last two decades. Yes, I've been busy for quite some time, and exceptionally busy the last several weeks.

Since the purpose of this blog is to encourage mom's who homeschool, I don't want to be a cause for discouragement by moaning and groaning about how busy I've been as a result of my "mom duties". I'd much rather boast in the Lord's amazing grace to me as I enjoy the blessings He has given me in my 5 children, wonderful husband, and fantastic friends. So, I've been busy, but my busy-busy-busy life has all been because of God's rich blessings.

May was a whirlwind - finishing the homeschool year, prepping for the youth group's mission trip to Mexico, planning for our family vacation with two of our very best friends (see the new photo at the header of my blog!), and my oldest child's graduation from high school.

We left for our fabulous Florida vacation near the end of May and arrived home in mid-June, with 3 whole days to spare before 4 of our children headed out on the trip to Mexico. (They are leaving Mexico and re-entering the United States sometime this afternoon.) They will be back home in Kansas in a few short days, and I am anxious to hear all the Lord has done in their lives during this trip.

May and June could have been much busier for me than they were. I could have said "yes" to every single opportunity that presented itself. May and June could have been less busy for me, as I could have said "no" to many of the available options. Neither one of those would have been the right choice for my family at this time. Yes, I've been busy, and yes, I've heard the arguments within the homeschool community about being too busy. For the most part, I agree with those arguments. As moms, it's far too easy to become so busy that our days blur together and we miss the moments that matter. How many parents have lamented the years spent being busy after their children were grown and they realized all they had missed? That's the kind of chronic busy-ness that I pray against. However, the kind of busy May and June were was the good kind, and our entire family worked together as we prepared for Gage's graduation, our vacation, and the trip to Mexico. There is a TON of work that goes into each of those ventures, and we did it together. The graduation weekend was a wonderful time, our vacation was the best we've ever had, and I am confident the trip to Mexico will yield great spiritual fruit.

My words of encouragement to my fellow homeschoolers today is to make the most of every opportunity. Pray and seek the Lord's will for your family for each season of life. Clearly, I would not have been able to do all of this when my children were young (see Isaiah 41 for God's Word on the pace of life when your children are young). For this brief season, however, our family was able to accomplish much and make wonderful memories in the process. And lest you think I shirked my homekeeping responsibilities in the process, let me say that all the laundry is done, not a dirty dish is anywhere to be found, my son's college preparations are well in hand, the floors have been mopped and vacuumed (sometimes more than once a day), my youngest daughter and I have enjoyed hours together playing board games and reading books, and my husband and I have quality time together each evening. God truly strengthens our hands for our work when we are fully yielded to him - I give Him the credit for things done in a fitting and orderly fashion, for apart from Him I can do no good thing.

When you are busy, make sure you are busy at the Lord's pace and not the world's pace. And when He gives you seasons of rest, be sure to enjoy that rest and thank Him for it.

As for my laundry, I'm pretty sure they will bring me a whole lot of it when they return from Mexico...

Day 99 done :)

Jan L. Burt